Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, and they can help preserve damaged teeth. They are one of the last options to save your tooth from extraction, and they also will help relieve any pain you experience from damaged tooth pulp. 

What exactly are the benefits of a root canal and how can they improve your dental health?

Let’s dive into the primary benefits of root canal treatment. 

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is used on very infected or injured teeth. The dentist will first carefully numb your mouth to ensure a pain-free procedure. Then, the dentist carefully removes the infected/damaged tooth pulp. Once the pulp is out, the dentist cleans the area. Next, he seals the tooth. The last step is to apply a restorative filling or tooth crown to protect your tooth.

Am I a Candidate for Root Canal Treatment?

If you have a tooth with injured or inflamed pulp, then a root canal may be able to help. Here are the top symptoms that your pulp is compromised:

  • Pressure, cold, or hot triggers tooth pain.
  • Swelling of the gums near the tooth. 
  • Gum tenderness. 
  • A fever alongside these other oral symptoms. 

Benefits of Root Canal

While a tooth extraction can resolve the issue, it also leaves you with a gap in your smile. Sometimes this is the only option, but many times a root canal can be used to save the tooth. Preserving your tooth with a root canal maintains your oral function, so you can eat and talk with ease. It also helps preserve the appearance of your smile and your confidence. 

Some of the top advantages of root canal treatment include:

  • Address infection. Remove infected pulp to improve your dental health and overall health. An untreated pulp infection can spread to your entire body. 
  • Painless procedure. Modern root canals don’t give you any reason to wince! They are far less painful and heal faster than a tooth extraction. 
  • Affordable. The vast majority of dental insurance plans cover root canals. They also do not require many follow-up appointments. 
  • Maintain your smile. Root canals allow you to keep your natural tooth, which helps keep your smile complete. 

Root Canals Weyburn SK

As you can see, there are many important benefits of a root canal. They are an excellent treatment option for patients with tooth pulp infection or damage. 

How do you know if a root canal is for you? Visit our dental team at Smiles on Souris. We will examine your dental health and help you determine if a root canal is the best option. 

For root canals in Weyburn, SK, look no further! Book your appointment online today. 

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