Wisdom Teeth Removal in Weyburn, SK

Wisdom tooth extraction is a standard dental procedure that can be stressful for patients.

Our general dental team at Smiles on Souris offers teeth extraction, including wisdom tooth removal (not as a specialist). We also offer sedation dentistry options, so you can choose the best level of sedation for you. We’re here to help with your tooth extraction needs. 

" Wisdom Teeth Removal in Weyburn, SK"

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are third molars and have earned the popularized title because they grow in at a later age. Many people will develop wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties.

Unfortunately, there are a host of issues associated with wisdom tooth eruption, like overcrowding. Wisdom teeth may also become impacted in the soft tissue or jawbone and require removal.

Most often, dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal as a preventative measure. The earlier wisdom teeth removal is done, the easier it is. The top benefits of wisdom tooth extraction include:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Weyburn

Wisdom tooth extraction is scary for many patients, but our team at Smiles on Souris in Weyburn, SK will make that you will choose the most suitable sedation option for your needs (not as a specialist). We will also provide you with post-treatment advice care to help you best take care of your mouth.

If you are considering wisdom tooth extraction, schedule your consultation with one of our general dentists in Weyburn by clicking the button below!

Frequently Asked

Tooth removal is only recommended when it’s the best option. Whenever possible, our general dentists try to preserve your natural teeth. That being said, tooth removal in Weyburn may be necessary if you’re struggling with severe overcrowding, very damaged teeth, or advanced periodontal disease.
Wisdom teeth are the last to develop, and they can cause quite a disruption. Most of us do not have space in our mouths to accommodate wisdom teeth, which means they can cause several oral health issues if left in. As they attempt to erupt, they can cause crowding, misalignment, and infection.
Most often, dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal for teens or young adults, since this is when they start to erupt. Removing them prior to eruption can help avoid many negative side effects, and younger patients tend to have smoother recoveries. Still, you can have wisdom teeth removed later in life as well.

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