Those who experience persistent pain along the jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement may suffer from TMJ. TMJ makes it more difficult to talk, eat, and even sleep. Don’t let the pain take over your life, and visit Smiles on Souris Weyburn, SK, to get a TMJ assessment and personalized treatment plan.

TMJ Treatment In Weyburn, SK

Symptoms of TMJ

Those suffering from TMJ may experience the following:

Causes of TMJ

The causes of TMJ are not always clear. Many different factors, as well as a combination of factors, may lead to TMJ. The common causes behind TMJ include jaw injury, arthritis, and genetics. Clenching or grinding teeth can also lead to jaw issues, including TMJ.

Treating TMJ Disorder

Even though TMJ is not fully understood, the pain it causes is treatable in many cases. There are two types of treating TMJ: nonsurgical and surgical. We would suggest treatments such as bite splints, physical therapy, medication, and home pain relief remedies before considering the last resource – the surgery.

TMJ Treatment in Weyburn, SK

If you have constant jaw pain, you suspect TMJ and are looking for quality TMJ treatment in Weyburn, SK, look no further than Smiles on Souris. Our knowledgeable doctors have years of experience helping patients with TMJ.  Live with persistent jaw pain or tenderness no longer! It’s time to treat your TMJ so you can eat, talk, and sleep pain-free.  Schedule your TMJ appointment with Smiles on Souris today by clicking the button below.

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