Oral Surgery in Weyburn, SK

Smiles on Souris general dental clinic offer oral surgery in Weyburn, SK. We provide all of the oral services you need including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, and more (not as a specialist). You can count on our team of dentists to help you with your dental needs Weyburn, SK.

Dentist In Weyburn SK Performing Oral Surgery

What’s oral surgery?

Surgery can be an intimidating word for patients, especially with it comes to oral care. While oral surgery may sound scary, it’s not something to fear when you have the right dentist on your side. Oral surgery simply refers to any surgical procedures of the jaw and mouth.

Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can mean many different things, as there are numerous types of it. For some, oral surgery may involve removing a tumour, and for others, it may be repositioning the jaw. Here are some of the most common oral surgeries we perform in Weyburn, SK:

Your Trusted Oral Surgery Experts in Weyburn

The general dentists at Smiles on Souris in Weyburn, SK have undergone oral surgery training including hospital-based surgical and anesthesia education post-dental school. Our team prioritizes strategies for minimal surgical intervention, but when oral surgery is necessary you can still visit our dental clinic.  We also offer sedation dentistry to help you choose the sedation option that’s best for you (not as a specialist).

We know how frightening oral surgery can seem, which is why we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about oral surgery. Our team will assess your smile and provide non-surgical solutions before recommending any oral surgery.
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