Do I Need Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Most dentists suggest the removal of wisdom teeth to help you maintain good oral health. This idea can be quite intimidating for many patients, and many wonder if it’s necessary to undergo this procedure. 

While wisdom teeth extraction is a common practice, it’s not always mandatory. However, it’s often a recommended preventive measure that benefits long-term oral health.

Let’s explore whether the removal of wisdom teeth is necessary. Keep reading to find out.

Dentist Is Showing The Patient An X-ray Of Their Teeth

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Before diving into wisdom tooth removal, it’s important to note that not everyone has wisdom teeth. 

Wisdom teeth are the last molars located at the back of the mouth. Unlike other adult teeth, they typically emerge during adolescence or early adulthood.

Although many people have wisdom teeth, not everyone develops them. Furthermore, some people may have fewer than four wisdom teeth. In rare cases, a person can even have more than the standard four wisdom teeth. 

Of course, if you happen to be someone without wisdom teeth, there’s no need for wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction for Preventative Dental Care

But do wisdom teeth have to be removed as a preventive measure? 

Even before the eruption of wisdom teeth, many dentists recommend their removal. Why is that? Even if these teeth are not causing any pain or issues at the moment, wisdom tooth extraction serves as a preventive dental procedure. Through dental x-rays, dentists can determine how wisdom teeth will emerge, or if they will at all.

Sometimes, wisdom teeth fail to erupt because they become trapped or impacted under the jaw. It could be due to limited space in your mouth or their growth in an angled position towards other teeth. 

Removing wisdom teeth helps prevent more severe complications. While this procedure can be performed at any time during adulthood, dentists often suggest removing wisdom teeth during the teenage or young adult years. This is because the dental bones become harder with age, increasing the likelihood of complications.

Do I Need to Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

What if you already have wisdom teeth? Do you still need to get them removed? Here are some signs indicating you need wisdom tooth removal:

  • They are causing damage to other teeth.
  • You’re experiencing cysts around the teeth.
  • New sinus issues, such as pressure and congestion, have arisen.
  • The gums surrounding the wisdom teeth are inflamed.
  • You’re facing difficulties with cavities in the back molars.
  • Wisdom teeth are affecting the alignment of your other teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Weyburn, SK

Determining whether you need to remove your wisdom teeth depends on various factors. Ultimately, it is a case-by-case decision. However, in most instances, dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal. 

Understandably, the thought of wisdom teeth extraction can be scary. 

But you can count on the general dental team at Smiles on Souris. Among our complete dental services, we offer professional wisdom teeth removal in Weyburn, SK. Schedule a consultation with us to determine if you can benefit from wisdom tooth removal.

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