How to Keep Children’s Teeth Healthy

Dental health is important at every stage of life and should begin in childhood. To set your child up for good dental health in the future, you should help them practice proper dental hygiene from a young age.

As a parent, it’s not always easy to find ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy, especially if he or she is uncooperative with dental care.

Here are some important dental tips for kids that will help you keep their teeth healthy.
How To Keep Children’s Teeth Healthy

Introduce Dental Care Early

Dental care starts even before all teeth come in. While children are teething, you can offer safe toys that will help alleviate pain. Use a clean damp washcloth to gently run over the gums and remove bacteria. Once your child has their first tooth, begin dental care with a gentle infant-safe toothbrush. This will help your child get used to dental care and ensure that their incoming teeth are growing safely.

No Bedtime Bottles

Bottles at bedtime can be tempting to give, as they help many kids fall asleep. Don’t allow your child to get into this habit, and never let a child sleep with a bottle that has milk or juice in it. Milk or juice will rot your child’s teeth and can cause serious oral health concerns.

Make Brushing Enjoyable

Healthy teeth for kids starts with good brushing habits, but it’s no secret that most kids don’t love brushing and flossing. Instead of making it feel like a punishment, make it fun for your kids. Here are some dental tips for kids to make brushing more fun:

Children’s Dentist Weyburn SK

The dentistry tips for healthy teeth above are important for kids, but to ensure your children have healthy teeth you’ll need to bring them to the dentist. Experts recommend that kids see the dentist by their first birthday. For a children’s dental clinic in Weyburn, SKook no further than Smiles on Souris (not as a specialist). We’ll make your child as comfortable as possible and teach you how to keep your kids’ teeth healthy! Use our simple online portal to book an appointment today.

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