Tips to Help Your Child Before Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction in Weyburn, SK is never our first treatment choice. Still, sometimes tooth removal is necessary to prepare kids for orthodontics or solve another dental issue. 

Understandably, most kids are very scared of tooth extraction. Any dental visit can be intimidating for young patients, especially one meant to take out a tooth! 

To help the procedure go smoothly, it helps to prepare kids ahead of time. 

Here are some tips for preparing your child for tooth extraction in Weyburn, SK.

Tips to Help Your Child Before Tooth Removal

Why Do Kids Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth removal is a dental procedure where the dentist takes out a tooth. This process is not reversible, so it’s used very conservatively on adult teeth. However, it’s more commonly used with kids on a “baby tooth” to prepare their mouth for orthodontic treatment or other dental procedures. No matter if it’s for a permanent or baby tooth, we only advise tooth extraction when it is the best option. 

For any tooth removal, we numb the mouth carefully. With an elevator, we lift and loosen the tooth before pulling it out with dental forceps. While the numbing ensures it’s pain-free, we do offer sedation options as well. 

Preparing a Kid for Tooth Extraction in Weyburn, SK

Set the stage for a successful extraction by preparing your child. This will help them remain calm and sit still for the dentist. It will also lessen the chances of a traumatic experience. 

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Talk with your child about why the procedure is necessary and how it can help their dental health. 
  • Discuss the process they can expect, and clarify that they will not feel pain.
  • Listen to the fears your child brings up, and offer sympathy. 
  • Collaborate with the dentist to discuss aftercare.
  • Allow your child to participate in gathering recovery supplies, like an ice pack. 

Children’s Dentist in Weyburn, SK

Preparing your child for a tooth extraction starts with choosing the right dentist. Smiles on Souris general dental clinic offers kid’s dentistry to help with all children’s dental care needs, including tooth extraction. We will assess all treatment options before opting for a tooth removal. Our top priority is helping your child get a healthy, beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment for children’s dentistry in Weyburn, SK at our general dental clinic today!

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