Why Your Teeth Hurt

There’s nothing more frustrating than biting down and BAM! Your tooth sends a zinging pain radiating through your jaw.

Whether it’s when you try to eat hot food, cold food, crunchy food if your teeth hurt when chewing it’s incredibly painful.

Worse yet, some causes of dental pain aren’t even triggered by chewing, so your teeth could hurt while brushing, drinking, or just resting.

If you tell someone about this tooth pain, the common response you’ll get is a cavity. A cavity may be the root of why your teeth hurt when chewing, but there are many other causes of dental pain.

Why do your teeth hurt?

Read on to find out.


Sensitivity may be what causes your teeth to hurt. If you notice tooth pain the most with hot or cold drinks or food, then sensitivity is a likely culprit. Sensitivity occurs when the enamel is worn thin, or when the tooth’s nerve is dying, and it’s very common after teeth whitening. Toothpaste made with potassium nitrate or stannous fluoride can help with mild sensitivity, but for more severe cases you may need professional treatment at our dental clinic in Weyburn SK.

Gum Recession

Brushing is important for keeping teeth clean and getting rid of plaque, but brushing too hard can wear down your gums. The exposed root structure can cause a whole host of problems, including tooth sensitivity and pain. A dentist can add tooth-colored fillings to areas the tooth is wearing down, or place a gum graft to restore the gums in severe cases.

Damaged Tooth

Why would your teeth hurt? Damage could be the issue. Teeth can crack on very hard foods or due to trauma. If your tooth is cracked or damaged, it can expose the nerves. If the nerves are exposed, then your teeth may hurt when chewing.

Gum Disease

Many adults have some form of gum disease. Gum disease develops when oral bacteria cause tooth decay where the teeth meet the gums. Improving your daily oral hygiene can help keep gum disease at bay, but it’s best to consult a dentist for further care if you believe you may have gum disease.

Dental Clinic Weyburn SK

The reasons above are just a few of the most common answers to “why do your teeth hurt?” If you’re experiencing dental pain of any kind, our team of experienced dentists is here to help. The Smiles on Souris dental clinic in Weyburn, SK offers a wide range of dental services to help assess and treat your dental pain. Schedule your appointment today using our easy online portal.

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